Writing Humor

Humor comes in different forms. Make your point and quit..

Do you have a good sense of humor?  Maybe you can even be funny writing it?

There are 3 R’s that go hand in hand with writing humor and they are not what you think of when trying to be funny. You will want to gain the Respect of your audience. You will want them to Remember some of what you have written. And third, you will want to be Rewarded for what you have written. Of course, we all want to get paid for what we write, but one of the greatest rewards is having a laugh or two or an honest compliment. Success is not always monetary, though sadly, it seems to be everyone’s goal.

There are different approaches to writing comedy: you can criticize somebody, you can call attention to yourself, you can be unconventional on a subject that is usually positive, you can use sarcasm. Probably a little of that goes a long way! There was only one Don Rickles!

Humor can be taught because it has technique and a formula.  We often use humor to laugh at ourselves .  It is often criticism of things we have no control over. Sometimes it enables us to get our frustrations out, our angry feelings on a social wrong.

Use your imagination to the fullest. You can air your hostility, stored up emotion, or laughing off a hurt.  Remember the element of surprise. Think of some of the jokes you liked best, And don’t forget  ‘laughter is the best medicine.’

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