How has the subject of extinction impacted your llife?


Some of my short stories, or acting on them in real time, came to be because I felt passionate about a subject.
I have several such subjects rolling around in my head all the time as

I’m sure they are in yours…like your child’s safety on the school bus. or meal planning for the proper nutrition, or getting the most for your dollar at the super market. The ideas are endless. Well, your passion with anything but sex, that is. In my opinion there’s too much written and shown about that subject at present.

One passion that led me to write SILENT THUNDER, in my TRAIL OF LEAVES short story collection, was the extinction of animals from the earth. This story came from my heart.

It was inspired on a trip to visit, among other interesting places, the Smithsonian Institute.  I saw for the first time what a real, but preserved, beautiful passenger pigeon looked like.

My Trail of Leaves Book coverI had often thought of the extinction of animals and I felt cheated out of never having been able to witness their grace and beauty, but that brought all my feelings on the subject into some sort of uncomfortable focus.

The story centers around a man, who knew what a passenger pigeon migration looked and felt like, and his desperate hunt to prove the extinction story was a myth.  How it impacted his family was left to my imagination. I can only hope it will resonate in yours.  Now days, there is a conscious effort to save plants and animals. Even then we seem to be losing ground.  Are we really doing enough in this race for all of us to survive?

What are some of your passions?  Are you able to act on them? By writing about them?