Writer’s block comes to most writers. We each have it somewhere in ourselves, to find the momentum to go on.

To most writers there comes that time known as WRITER’S BLOCK. It is that dreaded disease that prevents any new form of an idea from entering the mind.

That is the usual time for a taking a self- imposed, vacation from writing, and for some that’s enough to get back to work and get the juices flowing again. For most it is not that easy. Oh, sure, we all like to take a vacation now and again, but usually it is planned for weeks, perhaps months ahead. It’s something we look forward to.. Not so with the writer. These ‘vacations’ are often spent with never a quiet, peaceful inner moment of relaxation. It is often thinking, ‘I’m done as a writer,’ ‘Why wont the words come into my head?’ and, ‘I’m all washed up.’.

There is no easy solution and each writer probably has his or her own key to unlock the dilemma. It could come in a news article, or remembering some silly event in our past, or watching an old movie, or feeling empathy for a homeless person. The list is long and convoluted. It is whatever and however our mind gets triggered to think again as a writer. I wish I could put an answer to this all illusive question. I am always amazed when it returns  and once more I have sleepless nights, not longing  to write, but to put new words to my notebook to advance the story I am writing.

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