Keep your mind working. What you choose not to use, you will surely lose.

The older I become, the more I realize it is important to keep your mind active.

I find that playing daily WORD games seem to do it for me.  I also try to write, to keep my mind from getting dormant. Whatever trick you have that works for you is a plus. I found I have kept some players of WORDS WITH FRIENDS over the years. Some drop off and then seem to look me up again. At my peak I’ve had as many games as 40, daily on Kindle and I Pad. Now I try to limit each player to two games, but I had one ’spell’ when one woman had me going for thirteen games a day, decidedly too many.

Most players are content to play the game, with an occasional ‘Merry Christmas’ or some other greeting.  I send up a red flag to too many inquiries like, ‘How’s your day going, ‘I want to be your friend,’ type of messages These are commonly from male players who want to be more than your friend, and are ready to respond to any little tidbit you send their way. I soon learned they were looking for more than friendship and have learned not to reply or even to play their game.

What I’m trying to say is you should take advantage of anything that will keep your mind functioning and active. You will find your life more enjoyable as you age. Always give yourself something to look forward to. It shouldn’t matter, that you are not as physically fit as you once were. The mind can still be healthy if we choose to use it.


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