CATS with Derwent Inktense

Keep searching for things you don’t already know. The search will result in more personal growth and more living life to the very fullest.

Did you ever find yourself unwilling to accomplish something you feared or thought was beyond your scope?

I’m sure I have done this on other fronts than painting, but the one facing me now was how to make animal fur look real. I have always been daunted by it, not knowing how to make it look natural. Instead, I shied away from the subject, painting mostly flowers and birds, etc.  I was challenged recently when my granddaughter asked me to paint her two cats. Here I should tell you I am a self-taught painter. I learn a lot from my beloved books and my Derwent Inktense collection of pencils and blocks.

Well, tackle it, I did. First I did a page of cats’ eyes. I feel, in painting anything with a life, it’s important to have the eyes right or you may as well scrap the whole drawing. Then I tried the fur and had several miserable attempts, On one of the youtube presentations on painting fur I found part of the solution to my dilemma. There are good tutorials on you tube on painting many subjects. One solution was to paint in small groups of hair, not to try for the whole animal at once.

The other thing that helped me was pure experimentation. I discovered that by using a dry fan brush I was able to create the short cat hairs I wanted. I am just beginning, but at least I made a step in the right direction.

And so it is in many of life’s lessons. You learn as you go. You experiment with what you know and keep adding knowledge. The important part is not what you know at any given moment. It is what you want to learn more about, like playing the piano or cooking, or wanting  more information on any subject that keeps you growing and living.


Watercolor Derwent Inktense

Watercolor painting is a fun, inexpensive hobby. You may be surprised at your own creativity!

Do you remember your first set of watercolors?

Maybe they were just a strip of about eight bright colors, or else they came in a little tin box. When you finally got around to using them on a coloring book page they were a real disappointment. The page soaked up the water and gave a wavy appearance, and the thorny bristles of the brush didn’t let you stay in the lines, So you put the paints into the bottom of your toy box and got out the old reliable crayons, never to dig them out from the hidden depths.

Watercolor has come a long way. Oh, the paints still come in strips and small boxes, but some of them have changed shape and size. Now they have evolved into tubes and liquids and pencils, but watercolor has grown to be expressive, creative, and a joy to experiment with and try to master.   In fact, it is so engrossing the painter, or artist is you wish, becomes part of the process and loses herself or himself in the world of color; as I have, using the Derwent colored pencils and blocks. The water used on these pencils lines transforms them into liquid ink. The color becomes more intense when used directly on the pencil marks, hence the name DERWENT INKTENSE. By shaving or brushing the blocks of color into a well of water, they become a fluid wash, good for background or larger areas. You are limited by only your own creativity. I have done the same flowers using varied colors and different techniques. It’s fun, a challenge to experiment and learn your preferences.