A fine panting course with many extras.


The Anna Mason order of the courses is laid out for you and takes in beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials which are presented in individual videos in approximately 4-6 hour sessions. At first I was overwhelmed by the tasks, but soon found out through comparing finished projects with other striving ‘artists’ and hearing the constructive critiques of Anna and her staff, that I had come to the right decision.

In addition to the chartered courses, there are plenty of practice pictures to choose from, some with tutorials, some without. There is also a wide range of Resources, where Anna describes material needed, mixing colors, drawing tips and many others.

For years I had used student grade paints and paper. After switching  to  the suggested professional materials, I could see a great difference. The paper no longer buckled, the colors were so much more vibrant, and  the suggested brushes were ideal for the more detailed work..

My two paintings shown are from the practice pictures. The Song Thrush Egg is one of my favorites, and the Sunflower is a good example of a study in yellows.