What Good Are Words?

Look up unfamiliar words. They will become part of your vocabulary. Increasing your vocabulary will enrich your life.

What good are words?


When you read almost anything, but the comics, there are words you won’t know the meaning of, well at least I don’t. So I look them up. Gone are the day you have to drag a big fat dictionary off the shelf. Now you just look them up on your smart phone or in the computer. But if you take the few seconds to look it up, that very word becomes part of your vocabulary. When I attended school in the dark ages, we were required to take Latin if we were bound for higher education. The course seemed boring and unnecessary to anyone just trying to get through high school. ( I  really am a dinosaur! ). I am so thankful for it ever since I started writing. Maybe you don’t want to be a writer, but it will you make more knowledgeable in the work place, to your family, .and to yourself. It even helps in those word games I love. Please take a few seconds to look up that unfamiliar word. It will expand your life.