Chapter 63

Emma and Jenny sat in the semi darkened living room. “It just came over the radio. They found two bodies at the old quarry just outside of town.” Jenny sucked in her shaky breath.

“Do they know who it was?” Emma asked in a whisper. “And what are you doing up at this hour? You know it’s much too soon to hear anything from Jim. He left only a few hours ago.”

“I can’t sleep. I can only think that I drove Trish away. I’ve turned into an alcoholic and I would have ended up in the gutter if you hadn’t moved in, Mother. I owe you so much.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Jen. It’s in your blood. They say the apple doesn’t roll far from the tree, and circumstance helped set you on that path. One day at a time, Jen, one day at a time. When Trish comes home again, you will be a new woman.”

Mike walked into the room and flicked a light switch. “I couldn’t get to sleep either. What are you two whispering about. What has happened now?”

Jenny started to answer but Emma interrupted, “Two men were found by the police in the Meyers quarry. They were both dead.”

“It just came over the radio, Mike.” Jenny said and immediately went to the kitchen, returning with a plate of Emma’s homemade cookies, a bottle of milk, and some glasses on a tray. She set them on the coffee table while Emma scurried to pour. “Good idea. We’re all wide awake so we might as well eat,” She smiled at Mike and passed him the plate.

“How on earth did they find them back there?

“The cops were making their rounds and saw the headlights.” Jenny sipped her coffee.

“Have some milk, you’ll never get to sleep on all that coffee,” Emma complained….

“You still didn’t say who they were,” Mike persisted.

“It looks like they had been fighting and one of them was shot.” Jenny drew in a nervous breath. “One of the men was Gus Cavalieri.” She hesitated. “The other man was identified as Will Rawley.”

Mike spilled his glass of milk.   Emma hurried over to wipe it up. “I didn’t realize he knew Gus.  Small world,” he whistled. “I didn’t like the man, but I sure didn’t wish him dead.  Wonder what the connection was. And here I thought he was a stranger to Taylor when I hired him.”

Emma and Mike stared at Jenny, who had a relieved expression on her face. The only words that came out of her mouth were, “Now Jo can be free of his abuse.” For some unknown reason, they both had the feeling Jenny was not talking about Jo.