Short stories can be drawn from your life’s experiences. It is good practice that helps you develop as a writer.

When you begin to write you may be floundering around to choose a topic or something you feel may interest a reader.You have no further to look than yourself.

In the beginning of my writing career I drew on my life’s experiences, working as a nurse, my interest in quilting, and my rather unpleasant childhood. These short stories and my first novel did sell and they gave me encouragement to try something I was not entirely familiar with. That’s when lots of research entered into the picture. It was stimulating and educating and very time consuming, back in the day, before google, etc.

One of my earlier stories came mostly from my memory. It was of going to Carsonia amusement park on the rare Sundays my Mom and I could afford to go. I drew further from that memory, knowing that my parents had danced the night away in the pavilion by the lake. Some of the story, SOMETIMES ON A SUNDAY was fabricated, but it was mostly as true as memory permits. I was that child in the frilly dress and I rode the jeweled horses of the carousel.

There must be a time in your life, treasured or a disappointment, which you can now relate to from a different viewpoint. Maybe it was the first meeting with your in-laws, the first time you rode a two wheeler, or when you sat at a dying friend’s bedside. Somewhere inside you there is a real story wanting to be told, perhaps from a different angle.  Write it.  Tell it. It matters not that the magazine market for short stories has practically dried up. It will be part of your writing experience. Treasure it.

SOMETIMES ON A SUNDAY is now part of MY TRAIL OF LEAVES, short story collection.

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