There must be someone to step forward to help these ‘orphaned’ children before they become lost forever. Who is ‘minding the store?’

Did you ever feel the rejection of a parent as a child? How did it affect your life and the decisions you made?
How is it that separating immigrant children from their parents has been going on for months and no one has done anything to stop it? Why are we just beginning to find out about this deplorable act now? Where are the lawmakers and the ones who have known about it for all this time.  Why hasn’t someone stepped up and at least informed the public? Surely there would be demonstrations in the streets to call it to our attention.

This action is a disgrace! Where have we come as a nation to permit such an atrocity?  It seems I can only ask questions. I can’t imagine that our values have stooped so low to put this assault on innocent children. To incarcerate them is insane. I’ve even heard one correspondent mention cages.

Anyone who has endured any form of rejection as a child feels the abandonment of these precious children, but by being torn from the arms of both parents? This is cruelty beyond belief. The damage being done to their psyche, their emotional selves, is beyond comprehension, and in many cases beyond repair. In my darkest hour I hear their wails of anguish, as their caretakers must, in reality, hear them. I weep for them. I pray for them.  Where is our sense of decency?

Only the native Americans have the right to be here. Immigration is something we all share on our arrival to this land, coming ourselves or from our ancestors.

Where have we come as a nation to debase our very beginnings and our desire to welcome each and every immigrant? Can we no longer look at the extreme poverty and deplorable conditions they were forced to endure? If they have come illegally, there must be another way to punish families than to tear them apart. Think of what is being done to the children. Are they doomed to become the criminals or broken souls of tomorrow because they can’t rise above the tragedy that is being done today?