We should all make th is a priority to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren and all the generations to come.

                                         SAVE OUR PLANET

Yesterday I heard a high school girl in an emotional plea for the world leaders to save us all from extinction. Well, not in so many words but it amounted to  the same theme. My next thought, ‘and a little child shall lead them.’

It has become apparent that our youths have marched to save us all. And we should be ashamed that we have left greed dominate our lives and brought us to this sorry realization. There is no doubt that if  we continue on  this path we may, indeed, join the hundreds of  animals who have preceded us to extinction.

I have seen these marches of countless young people as a glimmer of hope. I am forced to remember in my own childhood, how our nation faced a war of a different kind as we joined together as a nation to fight the foes attacking us in World War II.

In those terrible days I remember, even as a child, the way we united for a cause. We smashed tin cans, brought quarters to school to buy stamps for War Bonds. We grew vegetables in Victory Gardens to help the shortages. We rationed sugar and meat and gasoline. We even saved the foil from chewing gum wrappers. We were united, and as bad as the times were, it was uplifting to be a part of it.

Today the threat is more urgent and of an entirely different nature. Today I am seeing people all around me making small differences as they become increasingly aware of  impending doom. They are using scrap fabric to replace paper towels, crocheting  shopping bags for fruit and vegetables to cut down on the use of plastic. Many are carrying cloth bags for their groceries. Jewelry is being made from refuse in the oceans, aimed to help  clean up the mess that is causing death to the creatures inhabiting it..

We ask what we can do as individuals without deep pockets. For starters we can be more conservative of water and energy . Ask yourself what is it that I can live without that will conserve energy. We have become so used to getting in the car and going just two blocks to a destination that could easily be walked. Admittedly malls and shopping areas have put many places we visit out of walking distance.  Think about the car you are driving or  about to buy. Is it a gas guzzler, full of all the gadegits, but not so practical in our present dilemma.

There’s so much we can do as individuals and it may even save us money. Turn off lights when you are not  in a room.  Adjust your heat setting to a few degrees cooler, and the air conditioning  to a little warmer. Try to make your house or apartment more air tight. Try using soap powder again instead of liquid detergent. These seem like little sacrifices in the scheme of things but if everyone made a conscious effort the climate would gain. When possible get  involved in broader causes that make bigger differences. Isn’t it worth the price of a few inconveniences to provide a better world for  our children and grandchildren…and all the coming generations?

There’s no doubt about it. Everyone can do something …..with the children demanding the changes that may save us all!