Try to keep respect for your fellow man. At the same time you will have more respct for yourself.

Do you find you are treated with less respect on the road, at the bank, by those younger than yourself? It has become a way of life. In some ways ‘the old days’ weren’t so bad…

I remember someone asking me on our 40th anniversary party what I attributed to such a long marriage. I blurted the obvious. ”Love, of course,” I said…and then I reflected and added, the words, “And I would definitely say, respect.”  I was rather surprised at my own answer. After some thought I was glad I had added the word. Respect in a marriage means many things like waiting for answers instead of ‘putting your own two cents in,’ It meant not opening each other’s mail, not assuming your partner would like to read in bed or watch tv, or a thousand other mundane things, you expected them to like or do. It meant being considerate of the one you loved. In fact, it was not much different from the consideration you would show anyone.

Respect is sorely missing from our lives today. At the supermarket we jostle who can get to the checkout line first, especially when a full cart lines up, menacingly, ahead of our few items. How often have we sat on the parking lot at the mall and watched as two cars were waiting for the same spot to be vacated. It’s like the game of musical chairs, we played as children, except all the fun is taken out of it. It’s been replaced by a ‘mean streak.’

We are so frenzied in our lives, trying to meet schedules appointments, and the kids’ sport events, the dry cleaners, the neighbor’s cookouts, that we forget the consideration part of what makes us the caring individuals we are. Sometimes it takes a crisis, like a flood or horrific accident to shake us up to knowing who we are or what we are, Then comes the dawn. We are all in this rat race together, and a little respect goes a long way to treating our fellow man as we would like to be treated. They used to call it THE GOLDEN RULE.