Favorite Authors

Making lists of books you’ve read.
Keep your reading fun.
Try new genres

Who are some of your favorite authors?

If you are new to reading you may not have zeroed in on which writer gives you the most satisfaction or take away from their work. A more seasoned reader will give you a list that may surprise even them..A long time ago I learned from my very dear friend, Elsie, to keep a list of every book and author I have read. This advice has come in so handy. It saves me money from buying a book I’ve already read and it helps keep track of a series I’m following, also of new writers.  Making the list can be a fun experience, both surprising and rewarding.

To add to my TRY SOMETHING New mantra, I am reading a fascinating new book, LEONARDO DA VINCI. By Walter Isaacson. Did you know that in his day DaVinci wasn’t considered to be a genius? He was thought to be merely curious!  I’ve always been a great admirer of Da Vinci and I am learning many things about him. There’s another plus for my mantra, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN.

Over the years I find reading more than one book in the same time frame has become comfortable for me. If for some reason I find the one a little deep or disturbing, or even boring, I can switch to the other to give myself a break. Whatever your method of reading, keep it fun. Find a comfortable spot, have a cuppa, as the English say, and let your curiosity carry you away.