I once heard it said, ‘Age is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.’.

Do you find your friends becoming younger? Maybe…just maybe you are outliving your friends.

I never divulged my age until lately, and then I am usually pleasantly surprised with the comment, ‘you don’t look your age!” I may not look it, but I feel it in the pain of losing most of my friends. They were the ones from high school, of over 60 years, that we would meet for many lunches, or the nursing school chums who stood for us in marriage. Does the loss of a husband count as a friend? Mine surely did.

There is less time spent on the phone and no vacations to interesting places. I remember spending days at the Smithsonian Institute buildings. What a wonderful place!

I don’t know when I became the family historian, probably when I could tell of events past, because I lived through ‘practically everything ‘ I could tell them how we sat around the living room radio and listened to magical stories of the old west or Broadway musicals, and the start of World War 11. TV came along when I was in high school and we would gravitate to whoever could afford the new ‘contraption’ for Uncle Miltie (Milton Berle) or “What’s My Line?”

Back in the day, we had wringer washing machines and hung the clothes out to dry. When we shopped it took a day, and tired feet, to cover all the blocks of ‘downtown’ and all the farmers markets, department stores and Five and Tens, like Woolworth’s. I can even remember my great grandmother sitting in the front of Pomeroy’s, in one of the chairs they placed there in case you needed a rest from shopping. At age 90 plus she met her friends there..

My first job was at a soda fou0ntain and I earned 33 cents an hour, saving it to pay for my uniforms in nurses training..

When did we stop avoiding the age question and now wear it like a banner.  Why, when you passed 80, of course. The good Lord willing, I will be 85 next month, halfway to 90. I try to count ever day as a blessing.

Keep yourself occupied with whatever you are capable of doing. If you can’t gad about, keep your mind active with reading, games, crossword puzzles., etc. Painting has become a love of my life…that and my wonderful family. Enjoy your extended days. Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan fame said, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade,”