The New Watercolor

Derwent ink pencils are the watercolor of the future.

Some gifts keep on giving and I was so lucky to be the recipient of one of them.

I have long been a fan of watercolor painting but I have slightly changed my direction when I received a set of 36 Derwent colored pencils and colored blocks.

If you have never heard of this new media, as I haven’t, let me enlighten you.  The colored pencils are to be used with water as the watercolors are. But the difference is that they are INK. And added to that fact they are permanent color when they dry.

I was skeptical at first and I watched some Youtube presentations to get the gist of it.  And then I began to experiment and I fell in love with it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Since then I have received the whole set of 76 colors and I feel that I have been making more progress in my work, and better able to handle shading and accented parts of the pictures.

By way of explanation: Derwent is  a British company that has been making pencils for ages, but in 2006 they developed liquid ink pencils, and as they say, the rest is history.



Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting gives new meaning to your life. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.


Have you ever had an interest in your life that is so compelling that when you give it time you become lost in every moment you spend doing it?

That’s the way I feel when I take time to devote to water color painting.  It transports me into a world of color and creativity that is like no other I have ever experienced. A pastor friend of mine describes this feeling as what it feels like in heaven.

Though I have tried my hand with the paint brush years ago, I had a hiatus when my husband became too ill for me to continue. Since his passing, I did a restart of the art, and the more I fall into it, the more I am truly thankful to have an interest in living again.  It’s not so easy going it alone after a long happy marriage, but go on we must. I also have a supportive family encouraging me, which is another reason to be thankful.

I find myself being almost too productive. I work on both 9 x 12 cold press paper and 6 in. square watercolor tiles, and by the end of the year I have quite an accumulation. To solve that over- abundance, every Christmas I spread about 60 tiles out on a bed and then I stand back and watch as my family descend like monkeys on a cupcake. to make them disappear. This year they even drew numbers to be more fair about it!

If you’ve never tried watercolor, I encourage you to look into it. It’s an inexpensive hobby; it takes up very little space. I use the kitchen table and have a rolling cart for my supplies and a few shelves for some books, like coloring books and others I use for inspiration.  There are many beginner books in hobby stores or on the internet. There are watercolor manuals introducing you to various techniques that can be easily read and absorbed.

In some of paintings I have incorporated the use of tangle art. In others are the look of realism I try to convey, Whatever form you prefer, realism or impressionist, it will give your life a lift if you are lonely, bored, or just looking for some fulfillment. Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may surprise yourself and get a great deal of satisfaction in the process.