Three novels have found their way to paperback as well as the original kindle.

                               NEW PAPERBACKS

In keeping with last Wednesday’s Blog. I am adding three of my nine novels that have added paperback to their original format. The last novel, THE MOUTH OF THE LION, is recent and will be also in both kindle and paperback. I hope you will enjoy reading them..

When his marriage falls apart and his own faith is being questioned, David Andrews, a small town minister, begins to read In the newspapers, about people who have been touch by mysterious miracles, changing or saving their lives. At the same time the name of Ben Joseph, an itinerant preacher, has surfaced in connection with some of the events. Doubting his faith more than ever, and feeling the desperation of needing to put some tangible meaning to his calling, David sets out to find the illusive preacher. What he learns about himself along the way puts new meaning to the term saving grace.

Leaving their home in England in 1683 to escape Quaker persecution, the Turner family braved the crossing of the Atlantic to establish a life in a new country, America. The voyage and early settlement had it’s share of challenges, but Rachel, the eldest daughter, held on to her promise to return to her homeland after helping her family make their claim in William Penns’ territory in Pennsylvania. She hadn’t counted on falling in love with the pristine green country. Her plans began to take an unexpected turn when she met an indentured servant named Jonathan.

The Mouth of the LionThe Martin family had its share of problems, but the disappearance of their daughter left a gaping hole in their home. Trying to find Trish became paramount in their lives, diminishing their other problems. Each vowed to make some changes, if only she was found. again.