Moving With Meditation

Reduce the stress you feel making a leap into the unknown, of moving, with meditation.


Did you ever imagine moving to a new location, which you probably selected because you liked it, could be so stressful?

It doesn’t matter what your age, your job, or your relations with the others involved in the move. You will all have a different level of stress and over different aspects of the change..

If you are still in school, you will be more than a little anxious about the friends you left behind and starting new ones.  The schools are different and the groups or classes you felt comfortable with may not be to your liking. There is no end of stresses as you journey into a new world.

If you are making a career move you are nervous about measuring up and succeeding in the position you were hired to fill. There are endless stresses on that score.

If you are moving a family, you worry if you have picked the right neighborhood, the right school for the kids, the friendliest church and shopping areas. Any of the above mentioned stresses also apply. Then there’s the sticky one about your new neighbors. Will they be accepting of your dog, of your kids, or anything else that accompanies you?

One other popular moves is of the older folks, mostly called downsizing. They no longer hold down a job, feed a family, or do some of the activities as when they were younger. They stress about having enough money to live comfortably, to keep up some activity, to be able to keep health insurance. I could go on.

Which moving stress you fit into is usually one of the above

Moving will soon take care of itself, not counting your stress, of course. When you are so overwhelmed by the process, take a moment to sit quietly and try very hard to put all of those bothersome thoughts out of your mind, Inhale deeply for the span of several breaths. If you have been doing meditation on a regular basis, it will start to become part of your daily routine.