Games can be fun. They can connect you to a whole new group of friends.

The games we play as adults help us cope with the valleys in our lives, it helps us deal with handicaps, or the inability to do normal things that others take for granted, to keep an air of superiority, to increase our knowledge…and for just plain fun Where do you fit in?

I might add that sometimes gaming can become an addiction, as in  gambling.  Then it becomes a vice.

I’ve kind of blamed my fascination with word games as a tool to keep me sharp mentally. I like tv programs like JEOPARDY, and watch it to increase my ‘nickel knowledge’

For years I have played WORDS WITH FRIENDS on Kindle and Apple Ipad,  but I get a little irritated if I have too many ‘friends’ because too many games keeps me from other things I enjoy

Lately, after I had moved to a new location, I found one of my daily games on the computer, MAHJONG,  MYSTERIES OF THE PAST, was no longer in the more experienced mode of ‘endless games.’ I was really disappointed. Because of having to restart my computer, it had put me back in the novice class. To make matters worse, each time I turned my computer off, as I usually do each night, it made me start from the very beginning. I soon discovered I had to successfully complete 100 games to reach the next level. Well, I’m up to 73, so the end is in sight. Leaving the computer on kept me in the running. I have to explain that I usually had played only 2 games a day…just to keep in shape!.

If you are really into computer games you might want to check out this sight.  They are also on Youtube and have interesting side lines.

Here is information from their Youtube channel: Welcome to the Mike and Katie Show. This channel is all about video gaming and video game related things. We focus on one series and cover all the games and other items related to the series. After the official series is covered, we will dive into some hacks and Top 10 videos based on that series. The first series we covered is Contra. Please enjoy and tune in each week for more videos.

They also have Patreon and an Etsy site.