Moving With Meditation

Reduce the stress you feel making a leap into the unknown, of moving, with meditation.


Did you ever imagine moving to a new location, which you probably selected because you liked it, could be so stressful?

It doesn’t matter what your age, your job, or your relations with the others involved in the move. You will all have a different level of stress and over different aspects of the change..

If you are still in school, you will be more than a little anxious about the friends you left behind and starting new ones.  The schools are different and the groups or classes you felt comfortable with may not be to your liking. There is no end of stresses as you journey into a new world.

If you are making a career move you are nervous about measuring up and succeeding in the position you were hired to fill. There are endless stresses on that score.

If you are moving a family, you worry if you have picked the right neighborhood, the right school for the kids, the friendliest church and shopping areas. Any of the above mentioned stresses also apply. Then there’s the sticky one about your new neighbors. Will they be accepting of your dog, of your kids, or anything else that accompanies you?

One other popular moves is of the older folks, mostly called downsizing. They no longer hold down a job, feed a family, or do some of the activities as when they were younger. They stress about having enough money to live comfortably, to keep up some activity, to be able to keep health insurance. I could go on.

Which moving stress you fit into is usually one of the above

Moving will soon take care of itself, not counting your stress, of course. When you are so overwhelmed by the process, take a moment to sit quietly and try very hard to put all of those bothersome thoughts out of your mind, Inhale deeply for the span of several breaths. If you have been doing meditation on a regular basis, it will start to become part of your daily routine.




Our lives are hectic, sometimes frenzied. Isn’t it worth a few moments to try to get help in such a simple way? Meditation costs only a few minutes of your busy time and may be the answer to your ‘overload.’

Stress and sleepless nights are part of our lives.  I have found several ways to reduce both over the years, and I would like to share them with you.

Having been a care giver has its own stresses and I won’t elaborate on mine. I will only say that I found my first release from my sleepless nights when my daughter suggested I try Zentangle, repetetive drawing on 4 inch tiles. I thought, ‘what do I have to lose? I was pessimistic to say the least but in only two nights after doing the simple exercises on four inch paper tiles, I found myself asleep about an hour after retiring instead of four.  I was hooked and in the ensuing days I filled a notebook with mindless drawings that brought me blessed relief from my sleepless nights.

Since then I have become a widow and some of those sleepless nights have returned, not nearly as severe, but still unsettling. If you have lived through similar experience you will know what I mean.  Then this good fairy of a daughter, gave me another challenge. Try meditation. Well, the next few sessions have now become a way of life.  I am learning through HEADSPACE, a relaxation technique that both reduces stress and allows easy sleep.  I can hardly believe that in less than an hour, I am not looking at the clock, but am locked in a sound sleep.

A.s I have said before it is not a religious experience, but a way to reduce clutter and stress from the mind. It can be practiced during your hectic day, to refocus yourself and give you the free momentum to go forward. It is a learned process.I have even seen in the news it is being used by police departments to aid men and women better practice their profession. The site I have chosen, HEADSPACE, offers a free trial period and after that a minimal cost for further lessons. How long it will take you to do the process on your own is up to you.

Another meditation site, and there are many, that came to my attention is CALM. A friend swears by  it to help her end her sleepless nights. I see there are several categories for the areas you may need help with. I have not tried this one.




Meditation can bring a surprising peacefulness to your hectic life. To fall asleep or in your wakefulness, it brings you a new relaxation and freeing of the mind.

The art of meditation can be a stress reliever to our everyday tensions that have built up about our jobs, parenting, money, just about anything stress producing you can name.


Meditation is a Buddhist tradition that has evolved into a ‘worldly’ practice. It can be non-denominational, or non-religious, but is usually spiritual in some ways. It is a freeing of the mind from the pressures of the outside world and it tensions.

Meditation is another stress reducer that helps induce sleep.  In my blogs I have mentioned other stress relievers. At different times they have all worked for me. Meditation is a stress reliever one can practice even in the midst of a busy day. Wanting to sleep or stay awake, I find it refreshing to experience the feeling of weight being lifted from my mind. In short, I feel more relaxed, better to cope with life’s next roadblock.

Have you ever gone to sleep mulling over a problem in your mind and the next morning found a solution waiting for you as if by magic? Sometimes it  is just a matter of freeing you mind of the clutter.  This practice can help you replace the negative with positive thoughts.

To practice meditation some people have to focus on a particular object or sound. There are tapes and sessions available to get you started on the journey. Basically all you need are a  few minutes and the desire to free your mind and lower your tension. Try it. You, too, can experience a new peace in your hectic life.