Many times you give a gift that you understand will have a short life, like a bouquet of flowers to let a friend know that you are thinking about them; it could be a box of luscious chocolates, that you know will disappear in short order, depending on how many are dipping into the box. Then again, sometimes you give a gift that you think is right for the person, only to find out it is a gift that keeps on giving.

That’s what I discovered about the  one I had given my daughter, Kathy, several weeks ago. Through an affiliate program I had joined, I found this neat life planner at the Erin Condren website. It looked like it would fit perfectly into Kathy’s hectic schedule; my other daughter, Dawn and I had fun selecting what we thought was a great cover out of the many to choose from. Then, to further customize it we had to decide on background color and  the style and color for her name. We hoped it would be as much fun for her receiving it, as it was for us ordering the planner.

Kathy is a talented woman with many interests. Besides holding down her day job, she produces  YouTube videos that included, cooking and hobbies as diverse as fairy gardens, mosaics, art and vacations. This time she added to her extensive videos, one called the Erin Condren Planner Video. It is great and presented with the enthusiasm she shows to any project.

In it she describes how the planner will help you put your life in order, strengthen your goals, and, in general, make your life easier. The planner can be used by anyone from teachers to students, for professionals, or family member. Whether you are planning a wedding or just trying to figure meals, or budgets, or recipes, or just having more time to do the things you truly love, this planner is definitely for you. Sit back and enjoy the video. I’m sure you will want to see it more than once. Check out her other videos too. You may even want t0 subscribe. Please do.