Laughter keeps us in good health and good relationships. It reduces stress and tension

Oh, the laughter of children! It bubbles up from their bellies and exits from their rosy lips like no other sound on this earth. It is a delight, refreshing to hear. It makes us envious that we no longer view our adult world with the same innocence. We try to remember when we were so easily filled with mirth and the joy of living.

Laughter in our adult world has become reserved for the occasional funny joke told by a stand-up comedian. Even some of the funniest of them sometimes bounce off our responses as trite, or too commonplace, for our sophisticated sense of humor. Somewhere along the path to adulthood we even forgot how to laugh.

Did you know laughter can be a healer of bodily ills? It can cement better relatioinShips with friends, spouses, and children. It brings people together, especially those who like to laugh. They share happiness, relaxation. Laughter can even strengthen our immune systems and lessen the pain we are feeling from physical ills. It definitely reduces stress and tension. That fact alone should make us want to include laughter as a daily goal.

Having fun things round you will help remind you to lighten the load you are carrying, to even laugh at yourself. It can be a simple as a silly toy or a poster or a coffee mug with a humorous inscription.

A Norway survey found that people actually live longer who laugh. Make you want to change your lifestyle? It makes me glad I have always enjoyed laughter.