Life’s experiences can contribute to a story you can share with loved ones.

If you are keen on writing, use your life’s experiences as fodder for your stories.  Whether they are short stories or novel length, they are part of what made you, YOU. No memory is insignificant. Many of my short stories have been related in some way to my childhood. They became the grounding tool from which a totally different tale evolved.My Trail of Leaves Book cover

In my short story, LANTERN PARADE, listed in MY TRAIL OF LEAVES, I drew on my young school years by remembering somewhat vividly how the elementary school children of our city took part in a celebration in which we carried or pulled on wagons, homemade paper lanterns with lighted candles through our large city park in the darkness of one evening. Today we would not permit our children to do such a dangerous thing!  Whether or not ours was a first I don’t recall, but I know it was the last because of shortages, etc. in World War II.

The story that came from that experience was a product of that memory, but it became an entirely different piece of fiction. There must be an event or a special time in your life floating around in your memory. Put on your thinking cap. Take notes. Use your life’s experiences to the fullest. You will be glad you did. It doesn’t have to be a published work. But maybe it is something you can share with your loved ones. Success comes in all shapes and sizes.