A moment of kindness may be the gift that helps someone survive the freefall of life, in just knowing you care. That moment will brighten your own life immeasurably.

          An act of kindness will go far, affecting both the giver and the recipient.

My heart was filled with joy when I saw on tv how neighbors helped total strangers during storms and floods.  They went door to door, looking for strangers, the aged and infirm,and took them out in boats and, in some cases, on their backs, giving them safety in the most horrific situations. In the extreme moment of kindness, they rescued children and babies and all sorts of people put in harm’s way. You must admit it was gratifying to see.

In turn, how can we defend our own response to the needy in our own families?  I know where the issues come in, I’ve heard the excuses, of their different way of life, of voting for the wrong party,  they chose to go off on a different tangent, no longer to the likes of ‘our family.’ The list of reasons to no longer think of them as family is staggering.

Too many of us no longer show these family members the kindness and consideration that we would extend to a total stranger. Why can’t we spare the few hours to help them get medical assistance, or invite them in for a good home cooked meal, or an evening of friendship, or just a helping hand when the need is there.?