Writing the inspirational novel has its own challenges.

This is the first of a series written for the inspirational book club, HEARTSONG PRESENTS.

It was followed by CROSSWINDS, the story of the second sister. Writing this type of inspirational novel had specific requirements, such as length and integrating the religious theme. It also carried certain word restrictions. I received the publisher’s name from a writer friend and, though I felt the restrictions this type of writing imposed, I was happy to be published again for both books.  SISTERS is set in the Victorian era, early 1900’s. The blurb follows:                                        

When Elise Waller returns home from boarding school, she hopes her family will become more filled with Christ’s peace. Her father, however, thinks only of his business schemes. Her younger sister is filled with rebellion, and her step-brother has his own bitter dreams. Lost and confused amid their dark emotions, Elise clings to her faith in God.  However, when her father plans her marriage as a business deal, and, Trevor, her childhood love, seems to care more for  her sister, than he does for her, Elise’s faith falters. Will she be forced to accept a loveless marriage, or will God’s love somehow prevail?