Find Pleasure in Simple Things

Find pleasure in the simple things. Spread that feeling of happiness to others.

Often we overlook the little things that can bring us happiness because we are waiting for that gigantic rush, when time seems to hold us in a moment of pure pleasure.

Those moments are a rarity but when they occur, we will always hold that memory dear to our hearts. It is sad, though, that we are always looking for total happiness, when in fact, there are little things that bring us happiness all the time. It may be as simple as the words to a song, a whispered word, the taste of your favorite cookie, the laughter of children, or the call from a friend ‘checking up on you.’ The list of simple things is boundless.

I once worked with a doctor who was never satisfied that he had a good practice, a lovely family, a beautiful home, and yet he felt he was not achieving what he was destined for. How tragic that he missed the things that were really important. You can make up your mind to be happy with what you have. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be trying to better your lot in life. I think in many ways we are all trying to do that.

It is also important that we don’t let our neighbors set our standards. Sure, they may have a newer car or nicer trappings in their living space, but do they recognize the really important things, like caring and sharing, and giving, and the taking part in life?

Reflect a moment and think of the things that have become commonplace, but bring you joy every day, and try to spread that feeling of wellbeing and contentment and in little ways, happiness so everyone around you can experience it, too.