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Don’t you think a special gift should look SPECIAL ?

I don’t know about you, but my gift wrapping has come down to some attractive bag, a lot of tissue paper, and a card. Did you ever find yourself always running out of tissue paper and when you have to buy it, it comes in only several sheets and an increasing price?

Well, look no further. My daughter and I were exploring a site, new to us, and we discovered a web site that specializes in tissue paper and many other interesting things.

My daughter has her own web site, Green’s Quilting and Weaving Shop, and one of her products is hand-made Vegan/Latex-Safe-Guitar Straps. She has been searching for a way of keeping all her products mail out with one specific look. Well, she found it at Bags and Bows.

There she can purchase a ‘ream’ of tissue paper for a fraction of the cost for all those little packs at the local store. A REAM, you say?   A ream is 480 of standard size sheets. That would last through about a hundred average gift bags, using about 4 sheets in each. Still cheap by comparison.

Another item that caught her attention was a roll of about 250 circular gold stickers, embossed with a pretty design, approximately 2 inches in diameter. Those and other attractive stickers can be personalized to fit your taste. The stickers gave a nice finished touch to her mail orders.

Here is how my daughter’s before Bags and Bows looked:


This how I would mail item that was purchased on my web site.
This how I would mail item that was purchased on my web site.

Here is after the transformation:

This on line catalog has quite a generous selection of bags, bows, tissue and wrapping paper,,and miscellaneous items. The quantity will keep you from running to the stores when those planned for and unexpected events pop up.