The Family Tree

Tracing your ancestry will be worth the effort.It will be a gift to your family.



Have you ever thought of making a Family Tree?


Even though taking a short course at the community college on Genealogy years ago got me started in the right direction, it didn’t give me the incentive to complete the giant task. Finally realizing the passing years and seeing the younger generation in the family, spurred me on to finish the job. Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, seeing the acute interest by my grandkids was thanks enough for completing the project. I never dreamed of the looks on their faces as they studied the ‘trees’ It was heartwarming.  I had gone to the depth of both my husband’s and my side of the family and in the end, I actually had four separate trees. It was ‘in the works’ for several months, but well worth it .In fact, it encouraged my son and his wife to add her family to the trees, so it would include more information for their children.

I have in my possession two of the family books, one of my husband’s mother’s family, and one of my mother’s, tracing the genealogy to about the last twenty or thirty years, and these were immeasurably of help  Much of my research was done on the Internet with our states records in Ancestry and Archives. This cost, a nominal monthly fee, and is well worth the time and effort. My advice to anyone attempting the ‘tree’ is to ask questions of your relatives, particularly the older ones. Get names, relationships, places of birth and any other information that may help you in your quest. When it gets really tough is when there’s no one left to ask.

I know there are genealogy sites that boast being related to famous people, but I have a jaundiced eye on some of the authenticity. We would all like to believe we emerged from noblemen or princes, or native Americans, but I found comfort in knowing that my ancestors came to this beautiful land to seek a better life than they had as poor German peasants. I recognize it in their hunger for farms of their own, and how they had achieved at least some of that freedom, in spite of language differences and other challenges.

What will you discover in your ancestry? I promise you, it will be worth the effort.