Dreams can last a few seconds, or as long as 20 to 30 minutes, When you are in the middle of a bad one, it seems much longer.

To sleep, perchance to dream.” Did you know the word ’dreams’ was one of Shakespeare’s most frequently used words? In this particular instance it has a darker meaning in HAMLET,  but that is not always the case.

Shakespeare also describes a dream as ’but a shadow’ in the same work. In  12th NIGHT, he says ‘if it is thus to dream, still let me sleep.’ The Bible recounts how dreams were interpreted to fortell coming events, as in the story of Joseph interpreting the dream of the Pharoah of Egypt, Dreams have come to mean many things to different people.

It has been said we can interpret our own dreams, and no one is better able to do it than ourselves.  Difficult times often show up as confusion in our dreams.

I can remember being stumped with geometry questions in high school and, because of the late hour, I gave it up in frustration. To my great surprise, the next morning, the answer was there. It could well be that I had labored too hard and my mind was just too tired, but there have been other strange occurences in my life. As a writer I would often wake up with  a scene or a solution bouncing around in my head that had given me long hours of illusiveness. I cannot remember dreaming the outcome, but there it was, crystal clear, in the middle of the night. I can also remember terrible dreams when I was trying to find the correct telephone number, or jumbled  numbers on the face of a clock. They came so often when our family was in physical or financial crises that I referred to them as my ‘number dreams.’

Some psychologists believe dreams often foretell the future, but I sometimes believe they announce the inner turmoil we endure. When we sought to escape it in sleep, it further tormented us in dreams. Repetitive dreams are a part of our unresolved conflicts. Our very dreams may be telling us that we  have a fear or worry within selves that is  unresolved. Anxiety and stress can often cause the bad dreams or nightmares. There is an excellent article on how to stop this anxiety that causes nightmares