That one blissful moment stayed with me long after.

                                   CRYSTAL MOON CEREMONY

If you’re into crystals you probably know about the MOON CEREMONY. If not, I will  tell you briefly.  it is a time  to re-energize your crystal by exposing them to the full moon.

The ceremony is  held for only women and its starts with a fire, or lighted candle, and women wearing dresses. In matriarchal tribes  the women were   the hub of the wheel, making the tribe continue  to thrive, even when the men went to war. Stories about these practices are found in a book by Jamie Sams. It is described as a time for women to open their hearts and to trust and love one another.

I never expected it to be so moving. My daughter and I sat on our front porch  and did what the ‘paper’ said  to do. When we finished we drank the water, energized by the moon and she helped me into the house, and went back to the porch to collect the crystals, etc. It was then she saw the glowing sonar light near my chair. It hadn’t been lit before and never worked for over two years. The only reason she hadn’t thrown it out was because of the  butterfly picture on it. When she came back inside she confided that she had the same pressure in her chest on other occasions when she felt a ‘Presence.’ We were sure it was her Dad, my loving husband, whose death rocked my world. My natural inclination was to think the moon and the crystals gave it a spark of energy. Yet I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the peaceful, unworldly moments when I felt the inner glow of something else.

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