As we venture into the world of crystal and energy healing, come with us. We would like you to share your experiences.

                                        CRYSTAL HEALING??

Medicine has certainly changed in the last fifty years. I can attest to that because I graduated from a 3 year nursing school in the 50’s. Makes me a dinosaur, huh? One of my daughters then followed me in to nursing. Oh, there are many ways it has improved: the fight  against cancer, heart disease, etc.. I could go on and probably should. I applaud these advances. I marvel at them and I have been a recipient of some or I probably wouldn’t be here.

But the medicine of today has been tainted by hospitals buying up private practices and  then giving  the doctors in those practices, ridged guidelines that must be followed with the threat of dismissal, if they’re not. I can think of one instance when my diabetic A1C (an average of daily blood sugars for about a three month period) had gone up to 9, which is slightly over the normal range. My doctor had been informed by the hospital she would be unable to treat diabetics if those numbers did not come down. The fact that I had been on prednisone for an allergy problem in that period of time, and it normally raises the blood sugar, was not given consideration. There are other restrictions, like using hospital approved labs and recommended tests.

That’s where insurance companies can control which tests can be administered, giving even more controls within the system. I have heard of specific tests that were denied when they were clearly needed.

What can we do to help ourselves when the system is failing us?  Even nursing care in the hospitals has changed dramatically. Head nurses, at one time, visited each patient to discuss any problems and to offer reassurance where needed. Today the only time you see a ‘real nurse’ (we used  to refer to the R.N.’ s) is when  he or she comes in behind a computer cart, dispensing medications, with barely a glance at the patient. The Real patient care is given by a tech support, who dispenses a package to use to “refresh” yourself instead of real soap and water bath each day. Gone are the days when an in-bed patient is given any mouth care or most of the necessities for the person unable to get out of bed. I have been a patient many times and can speak from my own experiences.

With much disgust and dread of having to go to a hospital again, my daughters and I have tried to keep an open mind to other possibilities, to alternative methods to the practice today. That is how we stumbled into crystal and energy healing. At this point we are feeling our ways, and we are totally surprised by some of the results. We are still skeptical, but hopeful for an alternative to some of today’s disappointing methods. I’m not advocating the fact that we don’t need physicians. I’m not suggesting we throw away the blood pressure pills or the antibiotics, or any treatments or medications. In that  respect I am as dependent as the next person on ‘the system.’

What I am suggesting is that we may be helped along this journey of life by other tried and tested remedies that have come with us over centuries and still exist.

In my future blogs I will take you on this journey into our experiences with crystals and energy therapy, in the hope of finding a healing of mind and body.