Try to control your anxiety before it becomes a physical problem.


We are all in a stage of personal crisis. Who is going to get it next, who, in my family is going to be stricken? The unanswerable questions continue. There is a state of panic in our country.  Just try to buy toilet  paper if you don’t think so!

We try to keep our cool, but it is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, there is no crystal healer for the virus, but crystals will greatly relieve some of our stress and keep us functioning  with a clear head and a steady hand.

Though I am fairly new to crystals, I have already found that some of the stones make me feel calm, no doubt about it. As a result,I began research into what else they could do for us.

Some of them can help us with nightmares and insomnia. Many are high on the list of their influences, such as  stress and anxiety.

Two that are on my ‘no doubt about it’ list are amethyst and opal. Since the most potent crystal is quartz, I feel I must add that one.

Others I have found in several crystal related books are:

Apophyllite, a healing stone for stress relief.

Black calcite, for stress relief

Iron pyrite, also useful in lung problems

Kunzite stimulates the immune system

Calmine amethyst  and opal

Green adventurine and rose quartz work well together.

Bloodstone, Smokey quartz and Yellow jasper.

These are just a few with anxiety and related heath issues.. Combinations of certain crystals work well together and are actually sold in groups.

If you are having serious stress over this virus, and the damage It is costing you in time and money, you are not alone. Try to relieve some of the stress you are feeling  Long  periods of stress and anxiety can cause physical ills.

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