A good night’s sleep will give you a more productive day.

                       CRYSTAL HEALING AND INSOMNIA

I used to be a solid night sleeper and at the time I didn’t realize how lucky I was. Then a turn of events kept me from falling asleep until the wee hours of  the morning. For a few weeks the repetitive practice of Zentangle helped me fall asleep more quickly but even that didn’t  last.

Several weeks ago a friend told me of the solution to her insomnia and since I was just starting to learn about crystals I gave it a try.

The solution to my friend’s problem was fairly simple. In fact it seemed  too simple to work, but work it did and I have had restful nights of sleep ever since the first night I  tried it.

My friend told me to put a blood stone crystal in a glass of water near the head of my bed. I did just that. In the morning when I got up I was amazed that I had slept through the night, falling asleep within minutes of getting into bed. I was able to get up for my usual bathroom calling, but I immediately slept afterwards. Weeks later I am still getting a good nights sleep. Believe me, I am still amazed, but thankful. I hope this will help someone else.


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