Try an audio book when you have something repetitious confronting you. You will soon be hooked.

I have never thought too much about audio books because, being an avid reader, I love to see the printed page, even though I am reading now on the Kindle or I Pad.

Recently I became more aware of them since my daughter ventured into her first audio books. She listens to them while, she sews quilt blocks, while she weaves encampment straps ,or when she tries to relax before she falls asleep at night ..

We have talked about books we have both read, like Dan Brown’s ORIGINS, and she tells me how addicting it has become, especially of the exploits of Robert Langdon in Spain. She referred to it as gripping. I know just what she means, In my world they are called page turners.

Audio books are great for taking you away from your humdrum existence, and we all have to admit to falling into that trap at some point of our lives. These story tellers take us away with them into places unknown, and transport us through the lips of the characters. In only a short while you are walking with them into strange and exotic places, tasting a new and different life. It is a great escape.

Thinking back over the years, my husband and I listened to audio cassette tapes I had borrowed from the library, when we were on our trips to the marquetry meeting in Saddle Brook , NJ. One time we were listening to THE RED PONY by Steinbeck. The pony died and we missed our exit. The next thing we knew we were almost in New York. I don’t know how he managed, but my husband did a quick turn at the last exit before the bridge and we made the meeting an hour late. I think that was the end of the fascinating audios for us..

THE MOUTH OF THE LION Countdown, 3 Blogs


Hearing loss is living loss. You owe it to yourself to get the proper help.

First I want to give you an excerpt from a former blog regarding hearing aids, in case you haven’t read it.  It details how I was feeling when I made my first appointment with AUDIOLOGY SERVICES. It was dated 6/9/2018

“I felt they were really trying to help me. The testing and explanation far exceeded my expectation. A temporary replacement was given right away and I didn’t even have to struggle with the ‘old’ ones.  As a result, I actually heard every word on the family gathering on Mother’s Day. It was great!”

“I have to qualify why ‘I heard every word.’  I had been feeling left out of conversations. If you have any degree of hearing loss you know that feeling of isolation as everyone talks around you as though you’re just another piece of furniture in the room, or they stand next to your ear and bellow like you’re incompetent. It is demoralizing, almost insulting, so what do you do? WITHDRAW FROM LIFE!”

That was about a month ago.

As of this writing I have to give you an update on the hearing aid issue.  After a few weeks and not being completely satisfied, I returned to the office for the follow up appointment to get the newly made ear mold pieces. I hadn’t liked the sound of my own voice or the sound of chewing and was told the new ones would have a larger ‘sound hole’ and would correct all my problems. I also had a small sore spot in one ear. Mercifully, the audiologist was right.   I am now totally happy with the new ear pieces. I no longer hear the chewing sounds, my voice is my own, and I have lowered the tv decibel to a surprising number. No sore spots. My family is happy they no longer have to ‘shout.’ I am happy to be ‘in the loop’ again.

Many thanks to Blaise Delfino and his assistant, Autumn Dieter. Their office is, AUDIOLOGY SERVICES,111 S. Spruce St., Nazareth, PA 18064. This family owned business also has an office in Bethlehem, PA. and I understand they hope to have a new location in Stroudsburg, PA by early fall.

The family business was originally begun by Dr.Gregory Delfino in 1987. He has long association with the Major Medical Centers and private practices in PA and NJ. He was  joined by his wife, Cheryl Delfino, a licensed Hearing Healthcare Specialist, who adds the personal touch to the thriving business.

Their son, Blaise Delfino, whose impressive list of credits include, Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, rounds out the outstanding practice. He is also a musician. He really gives you the feeling of wanting to know all about you and how he can help make your life more enjoyable. It is a far cry from some of the places I have visited.

The office assistant, Autumn Dieter, first got my attention when I called to inquire about making an appointment. I knew right away I wasn’t speaking to the average receptionist by her knowledgeable answers to my questions. I later learned she is studying for her license in hearing instruments.

This family owned and oriented unit definitely provide the personal touch to make each patient, or customer, grateful for the experience of ‘getting on with their lives.’ They will even accommodate you in your own home if you are unable to go to the office.

I have included their website for you to further understand their family involvement and expertise. You could not be in better hands.