Cooking can be a fun. Try Kathy’s easy recipes to cut time and money.

If you are like me you have probably learned a lot about sewing, painting, quilting and how to fix broken things, especially on cars, and, specifically, about cooking, from the informative people on Youtube who share their expertise. Let me tell you about my daughter, Kathy, and her great videos on cooking and a variety of interesting subjects.

Kathy is a hard working woman who is in constant motion. She is a great believer in family and has come to my aid, her two grown children’s, and everyone else’s on many occasions.  Her cooking videos have been a great hit with anyone with a career, who is trying to stretch a budget. The easy to follow recipes give you a balanced diet, and still deliver easy, delicious meals. In addition to all that, she shows how to speed up the preparation time with various size pressure cookers and Hot Logic appliances and others, which can even allow your food to be cooked while you are at work.

Among her many talents and videos on Youtube are those on: jewelry, stone art, fairy gardens, music, health, crafts, cosmetics, flea market information and a host of other things to pique your  interests. I must add that she also has a Blog called show how much fun she is having with her cooking.

You can find her Youtube site on