The Lost Art

Technology is controlling our lives. Learn from each other through conversation.

Did you ever sit in a room full of family or friends and find no one talking to one another?


Today it happens with regularity. Oh, you hug hello and goodbye and are thrilled with the chance to get together, whatever the occasion, and then you go your merry way until the next ‘happening.’  And what did we learn from this experience?  It was nice to see each other and share a meal but what did we really learn? There must have been something?

Technology is robbing us of our ability to connect. We are losing the art of conversation. We are no longer socializing on a personal level. We don’t hear about our work, our hobbies, our loves, our values and interests, and most importantly about each other.  How many times have we witnessed the ‘texting experience?’

Okay, let me be fair about the ‘smarts’. There is a wealth of information stored there just for the taking. If we travel we can find out about the weather, the road conditions. It is irreplaceable in emergencies. There is information ad infinitum to be had at the press of a screen. I guess what I really want to know is, when did we begin to believe we had to be accessible to everyone 24/7?

I’m as guilty as the next guy, having recently been persuaded that this ‘smart’ gadget is something I really need. But do we need the social media to control our lives and drive us apart as a nation? How many times have I witnessed on tv or heard about it in real life, where teenagers are holed up in their rooms, texting like their lives depended on it, even getting a medical condition with their thumbs.

I believe it is time to reevaluate what we are doing to ourselves and each other. When was the last time you sat down and really looked at a friend and learned something about them in conversation?  Please don’t stop learning to care.