Did you ever wonder what it was like, living in the 50’s? It had it’s joys and sorrows. It was really a fine time.

I would imagine that even very successful writers with a list of best sellers, have a box somewhere, if they care to admit it, with at least one  (maybe more) finished,  but unpublished manuscript.

There is no real disgrace in that fact. The unused manuscript may not have had a popular subject, it may be the one you got tired of all the rejection slips. It could be that you weren’t ready for that next step. We have all counted it as a learning experience.  And that it was. I remember slugging through several rejects before I hit my ‘first’ acceptance. That was a memorable moment!

Yesterday I picked a manuscript out of a box of several, and thought, ‘ I just might resurrect this story, or part of it anyway.’  I looked at it with fresh, but wiser and older eyes, and realized much of the younger generation had no idea how difficult that particular time of life was. It had its ups and downs, like any part of history. I will endeavor to make necessary changes and adaptations.

This writing will serve as a ‘countdown.’ Coming in about 7 Blogs, I will travel with you and begin again, THE MOUTH OF THE LION, presented in short chapters. Please, join me. I believe the story has some merit. I hope you will, too.