Bedtime Stories

Make precious memories by reading bedtime stories to the child in your life.



  Did anyone ever read to you as a child…like bed time stories?


I remember how special those times were, even though some were of gory Grimm’s fairy tales. Strange what we remember…like tonsillitis paired with bedtime stories. Well, they can’t all be wonderful. You imagined yourself as a fairy princess or a knight in shining armor.

Anyway, they were special times.  Maybe they even encouraged you to want to read on your own. I know it did for me.

My more recent recall is when my grandchildren stayed over and Grandpap made up stories to put them to sleep. They were enthralled with his imagination.  He made them up right on the spot, and he had their undivided attention. I didn’t listen in. I recognized these were his special times with the kids. He always came out of their room smiling. The tales he told those kids had them asking for more.  Precious memories!

I hope you are giving your kids or grandkids some memories of bedtime stories, whether from a book or your own experiences. I know they will treasure them forever.