Chapter 58

Jim felt like time was slipping through his fingers. He could only come up with a weak plan. He had started delegating friends to hope for more enlightenment. Moonie was so adamant about helping that he was tasked with the job of searching local security box places. He began a frantic search, in the phone book, then the airport and bus depots in nearby towns. It was only a short time until he arrived at the Martin house carrying a large bag. The sable fur fell unceremoniously onto the living room floor. No one rushed to pick it up. They all sat staring at it as though it had a life of its own. Only Jenny cried tears of relief.

Jim was the first to speak. “This lowers any edge she may have had in this so called temple she is in.”

Moonie looked confused. “I thought you would be glad that I found it. “  He sank into the one remaining seat.

Jim said quietly, “You don’t understand, Moonie. It was like a bargaining chip, the only thing that makes her valuable to that creep who calls himself a brother. Now she’s just one of the gang he controls.”

“We can take the coat to her,” Moonie offered. “I will take it. They don’t know me.”

“What good would that do? ”Jenny stood up and kicked the coat into the corner. “I don’t want to look at it. It has caused such heartache for us all.”

Jim picked up the coat and took it to the hall closet. When he came back his face was grim. “It’s time we stopped blaming everything on the coat. “With or without the damned coat we’ve got to find a way to get Trish back. She shouldn’t have to pay for our stupidity.” A silence came over the room as they each examined their own role in Trish’s disappearance.

“I’m going to talk to Hank at his law office. Maybe they can lend some advice.” When he stood up to go, Moonie was right beside him. He shook his head. “Go home, son, you’ve been a great help. We’ll call you if anything turns up.” They went out into separate cars. As Jim drove away, Moonie sat pounding the steering wheel.




The team at Audiology Services invited me and my daughter Kathy to a celebration of hearing to show appreciation for their patients and their families.  The event was hosted by Blaise Delfino, Autumn Dieter, and Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Delfino where I had recently been carefully evaluated and fitted with hearing aids in their Nazareth, PA location at 111 S. Spruce St.

Each guest was warmly greeted with hugs and smiles to welcome them to the event being held in the Martin Guitar lobby in Nazareth, PA.  As a family practice, they have dedicated their whole lives to bringing the joy of hearing to their customers  Each of the hosts expressed genuine heartfelt appreciation in welcoming remarks, as they explained their service in the history of the business.

Blaise and Shirley

Sharing the festivity was the radio station B104 of Allentown, broadcasting live spots and supplying background music.  Delicious food was provided, as well as a drawing of prizes to the lucky winners. They even had an artist doing caricature portraits of some of the guests. As an added treat we were invited to a tour of Martin’s spectacular guitar museum.

Autumn and Shirley

A good time was had by all.  It was a party given from the heart of this beautiful family, which  included well wishes for everyone. You could easily see that the appreciation was not only coming from the audiology team, it was gratefully returned right back to them.   — And that’s not all.  Blaise and Autumn announced their engagement, which was a perfect end to an enjoyable party.