Novel writing is a challenge. Selecting characters and plot calls for research.

                                        WRITING MY NOVELS

The question I’m asked  most often about writing my novels is “Where do you start?” Then comes “Where do you get your ideas?”

The answer to both sometimes even baffles me. Unconsciously, I believe, I am always looking for that spark that will sometime become a book, very often in rewriting. but at that point I am usually unsure of direction. Sometimes a character develops in my mind to the point where I have given him or her a name. Then an idea emerges as a possible plot.  Most often when I decide on a main character and have to put a problem in his path. It is  when I can usually envision how I want the story to end.

Getting through the long middle, or the meat of the story is the tricky part. I try to be aware of how I will proceed with this dilemma by using history, snippets from news, magazines, anything that has grabbed my attention as possibilities. For instance in the sequel to SISTERS IN THE SUN, which I entitled CROSSWINDS, one of my main characters has enlisted in World War 1 and it took researching part of it, something that is a big part of all my novels. I was fortunate to have letters sent home by a relative who fought in  that   war. It helped forward the story by referring to his itinerary to the war zone and made the story much more meaningful to me in the process.

Here are the excerpts from four of my books. They are available  in Kindle and paperback editions.


When Elise Waller returns home from boarding school, she hopes her family will become more filled with Christ’s peace. Her father however, thinks only of his business schemes, her younger sister is filled with rebellion, and her step brother has his own bitter dreams. Lost and confused, amid their dark emotions, Elise still clings to her faith in God.


World War 1 may be raging in Europe but Nettie Homes, the younger Waller sister, feels defeated within the safety of her once loving home. Her husband, Derrick, would rather fight in the frontlines than witness another traumatic miscarriage. They have lost two babies and now Nettie must bear the fate of her third pregnancy alone. She takes control of her father‘s silk mill, bringing welcome changes to the burdened employees. Equally determined to prove himself, Derrick must complete his military service despite loneliness and regret. Will their marriage prevail against the crosswinds of love and war? They must each master turbulent currents.


Beth Anders, 16, disguised as a boy, leaves her home in Maryland to find her younger brother, who has run away to enlist for the North in the Civil War. In Pennsylvania she is captured by Confederates and, when it is discovered she is a girl, is sent to the Colonel’s home in Virginia to help his wife and children. Beth soon learns the children are grown, spoiled and demanding. Along with their harsh mother, they make her life unbearable. Only the oldest son, Captain Bowand, who has brought her to Virginia, seems kind and considerate, but he returns to his unit to fight in the battle of Gettysburg. Beth life is a series of challenges, to survive her captor’s hatred and to devise a plan of escape.


My Trail of Leaves Book coverMY TRAIL OF LEAVES begins with a collection of short stories, including some of my childhood memories and other life experiences. Some of the stories have been published and information of publication is listed after each story.

The inspirational works were inspired by many years of Bible study, personal beliefs and some outstanding life events. Since all of this entire set of articles have been published, for reference the publishing information is documented at the conclusion of each article.

While learning and practicing the art and delicate craft of marquetry, my husband and I developed some wonderful life-long friends. These friends and the art of marquetry have been one of the great joys of my life. The marquetry articles evolved from personal experience and practice in the fine art of Marquetry

Writing in many forms, articles, short stories, inspirational pieces and novels is still an ongoing love and joy in my life. I hope you find joy and inspiration in reading them.