The Beginning Writer

Writing is a challenge to get it right, but when you do it seems miraculous, a pure joy.

 When I taught a writing class I tried to lead the hopeful writers by my own experiences. I’ve had highs and lows, publishing, and rejection slips. What I could tell them!   But of course I didn’t.

Now it’s all done on the computer. Gone are the days of the printed copy and, drafts and final drafts. Now you can make the necessary corrections and revisions as you work. In some ways, writing has become easier, at least the physical part of it.

As well as teaching a class, I have several videos on YouTube, explaining the different types of writing. In it I have worn a variety of hats to emphasize that a writer wears many hats in the course of storytelling. A writer can be a child, a lover, a detective, a killer, a mariner, a prince or a vagrant. The possibilities are endless and you must prepare for each.

As my blogs progress I will describe the types of writing and explain how and why they differ.

If you really want to write, stir the passion, get enthused. Realize that not everything you write will find a buyer, but it will speed you on your way in the process of writing. I can look back at some of my earlier manuscripts and recognize that they lacked depth and character definition. They didn’t have sufficient plot to carry the story. If you’ve have ever applied for any type of job as a novice, you know the employer is always looking for experience.  That’s what your trials at writing become, your experience for that final JOY of having an audience for your work. There is no greater satisfaction connected to writing than seeing your first published work. It throws down the challenge to do it again.







Short Story Writing

Everyone has had some memorable experience. Let your feelings flow. We may have unleashed a potential writer.


Have you ever thought of writing a short story?


At the time maybe you felt you couldn’t possibly do any type of creative writing but I am here to tell you, you can.  Everyone has some memorable moments in their lives, when something thrilling, chilling or, inspiring had happened to them. It may taunt them or even haunt them until they can get it out of their system. What a better way to unburden yourself, to give your mind that catharsis or cleansing, or a fantastic reliving, if it was a great experience

Try putting yourself out of the picture. Put someone else as the main character and proceed from there. From the start you will know the outcome, you know the story line. Maybe by putting someone else in your place you can see things from a different perspective. You may be better express your emotions and reactions as the situation develops. Or perhaps you definitely want to be the main character, to have that experience again. privacy of your own page. Who knows?

If the story has no real conclusion it may be what I called ‘a slice of life.’ It is still a short story. Make the project fun. Draw on your feelings as the forefront of the story. It’s time to give yourself a break. Let the emotion flow onto the blank page. If you are a bubbly type of personality, it will; be a fun exercise. If you are the opposite, you may have to relax your mind and finally let your feelings rise to the surface. In either case, you may be surprised at what you have released in the