Do you enjoy a mystery.? Read CHARADE on Kindle

Mystery writing is like thinking in reverse. You have to know the outcome when you start thinking of your story and then go to the beginning to plant the clues on the way to the conclusion. All the while you must try to keep the reader is suspense as you build toward that revelation.

CHARADE was an adventure in my writing career like none other that I had attempted. I often thought I would like to try a mystery but didn’t know my capability.  You know how easy it is to put off something you are afraid to do for fear of failure. Finally I let myself go. I started the mystery, knowing where I wanted to end up but not sure how I was going to get there. .When I finally finished the manuscript I wondered why I had waited so long to take the plunge. I had truly enjoyed the journey I had taken.

The story revolves around an affluent family and their hopes and dreams. In the middle of the family is Marsh, a man who has always been more grounded in being himself than adhering to this unwanted lifestyle.  A murder has been committed. Coincidentally, Marsh has disappeared. The hunt is on. And, as they say about mysteries, the plot thickens!!

Reading on my Kindle has become a way of life. In the morning I catch up on my word game,  WORDS WITH FRIENDS.  During my busy day , if there is time, I read one of several books I have started. But at bedtime I always give one of my favorite reads at least a half hour, then ten minutes of meditation before I sleep.

I’m sure you have your own ‘ritual’ before you retire for the night. Maybe it is packing lunch for the next day, reading to your kids if they are young enough, discussing today’s highs and lows with a family member. Whatever your chores are, take a few minutes to read. It can be on the Kindle, or maybe you have to hold a real book in your hands. Whatever your pleasure, take a few minutes to relax and read. It is one pure pleasure that costs so little. You will feel better and be better able to take on tomorrow.



Writing Humor

Humor comes in different forms. Make your point and quit..

Do you have a good sense of humor?  Maybe you can even be funny writing it?

There are 3 R’s that go hand in hand with writing humor and they are not what you think of when trying to be funny. You will want to gain the Respect of your audience. You will want them to Remember some of what you have written. And third, you will want to be Rewarded for what you have written. Of course, we all want to get paid for what we write, but one of the greatest rewards is having a laugh or two or an honest compliment. Success is not always monetary, though sadly, it seems to be everyone’s goal.

There are different approaches to writing comedy: you can criticize somebody, you can call attention to yourself, you can be unconventional on a subject that is usually positive, you can use sarcasm. Probably a little of that goes a long way! There was only one Don Rickles!

Humor can be taught because it has technique and a formula.  We often use humor to laugh at ourselves .  It is often criticism of things we have no control over. Sometimes it enables us to get our frustrations out, our angry feelings on a social wrong.

Use your imagination to the fullest. You can air your hostility, stored up emotion, or laughing off a hurt.  Remember the element of surprise. Think of some of the jokes you liked best, And don’t forget  ‘laughter is the best medicine.’

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A Kindle Book

Have you ever taken a journey into the past? It gives you a new appreciation of where you are today.

My eight books on Kindle include  MILE AND A HALF, a children’s book, but also a book for the young at heart. It is historical in nature, depicting the life on the canals, their purpose, and their colorful past. Being a resident of a ‘canal town,’ I have often walked the towpaths where mules pulled the barges. I have ridden in a replica of these barges, though now remodeled to carry the passengers who are trying to get a glimpse of the past.  It is a serene ride, surrounded only by silence and the click of the mules’ hooves on the stony path as it transports us on the seamless water.

Here is a blurb from the book.

Growing up in a canal lock house was bad enough, but having a school teacher step-Mom was more than he could stand. Josh hatched a plan after reading Mark Twain’s book about a prince who wanted to see what the rest of the world was like. His adventure took him away from his lock house to unfamiliar places. Like the prince in Twain’s story, he began to look at home in a completely different light.