Finish The Things You Start

You will have a sense of accomplishment.
You will influence those around you.

Do you usually finish the things you start?

Oh, I don’t man that sweater you’ve been knitting for the last four years or those crossword books that have so many blank puzzles. I’m as guilty as you are for letting some things slip away undone, but for started way back when, or the wood project you are crafting. You will find a real sense of accomplishment and in the process you are encouraging the people around you, like your spouse, or especially your children. Don’t we all learn by example some unknown reason, I always try to finish a book. There’s something in me that demands a conclusion. I guess that odd determination is what kept me writing eight books and now working on my ninth. But then it happened again. Another book I was reading nagged at me to finish it.. Try as I might, I couldn’t find something worthwhile to keep me with it. I still have to admit it’s good to finish what you start, whether it be that sweater or the quilt you?