Taking pictures is n art form. The Selfie camera puts life in a panorama of pleasure.

Do you look for new types of cameras and experiment to get absolutely the most outstanding pictures to show your friends?  Then this is the camera for you.

Picture taking, especially of friends and family, was left primarily to my husband. Oh, I’ve been known to snap a few, but mostly on a camera where I could just push a button and out came a picture… after a few minutes, that is. My grandson is of a different stripe. He has CAMERAS!  When he showed me his latest addition, and the picture it produced, I was in awe.

This camera produced a digital panoramic view of wherever he sat or stood. It made the set of plain ordinary stairs in his house look like a spiral staircase. When he visited Jim Thorpe, PA on a recent tourist trip, the picture showed all the historic buildings around him, and in a perfect circle It truly amazed me. I had been there many times and it never gave me the wonderful feel of the small town that his picture conveyed.

Another picture at his birthday party showed all of the attendees in perfect clarity around him, as he cut the cake. He didn’t have to take several pictures to include all the guests when one was perfect.

Photography has taken many leaps and bounds on its path to the present.. I remember my Aunt Maggie using a ‘brownie’, a small and simple camera, but considered the rage many years ago. We were all impressed at the decent, but not perfect pictures it produced.

My grandson’s hobby of golfing is another reason to look for the unusual.  Golf balls and equipment give an extra dimension to the green. Makes you want to try it, taking pictures with the Selfie-Stick Waterproof Camera, that is.  I would be terrible at golf!


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